No One Answers the Phone Anymore

Whenever I have a question or a concern regarding my children, I give them a call. Of course, they never answer (they probably know it is me), but I still make the call anyway. I know there is no point in leaving a message–no one under the age of 25 listens to voicemails–but I do bother to make the call.

What is that?

I can’t pretend to understand the psyche of a millennial, but I have to admit it baffles me nonetheless. Are the attention spans too short for the phone now, too?

Restaurants don’t either

I can’t tell you how many times I have called restaurants with a question, or to make a reservation, or for some other reason, only to listen while the phone rings and rings and rings….I wish I could say that I will get over it, but I know I won’t.

The Google

I understand the many reasons why people don’t answer the phone at their restaurants. I am familiar with Google for information about the restaurant, with Open Table for reservations, with Google maps for directions, but I still find myself in need of additional info from time to time.

I also understand that restaurants are busy places, and they are taking care of the customers currently in the place, rather than worrying at the moment about customers who might come in later, but it is still frustrating.

They can’t be bothered

I am keenly aware that it does take a lot more labor dollars to have someone on the clock, just to answer telephones. We used to say that the telephone was the life-blood of the business, but that is far from true anymore.

I have even come across a place or two that doesn’t even have a phone. Don’t get me started on that….

I obviously can’t say I am in favor of this trend, but I at least recognize that it exists, and if the restaurant doesn’t need to answer the phone, why should they? I don’t have to like it, and if you are plenty busy without it, good for you.

It’s not about me

I have pointed out many times to my wife, that it is not about me. I am not the demographic that these places are trying to appeal to. So, I say, pay attention to what your demographic is, and set your place up accordingly.


Make sure if you are not answering the phone, it is for the right reason–busy helping customers; not for the wrong reason–can’t be bothered. I am not saying don’t answer your phone, believe me, and I can’t imagine an owner instructing his staff not to answer the phone, but stranger things have happened. Especially in this crazy restaurant world.



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