It’s a Play

That’s really all it is. Only with food and drink. But, one thing is for sure–we can never lose sight of the other elements of this ‘play’.

There are so many things to consider and we want to get each and every one of them right.

We want to be sure that everything is ready to go for our play before the curtain goes up. Are the props in place? The sound? The lighting? Are all the players ready to go?


Should there be music? Yes. Probably. What music should be played? That is a tough one. Depends on the type of place, the clientele, what part of town you are in….Do some market research to get an idea. How loud? Should there be live music? It all depends on your style of place, what you are trying to be, when you are open, etc.


Should there be flowers? Dried or fresh? What kind of flowers? How many arrangements? Where should they be placed? You can see that there are a lot of specific details to be worked out. And then there is the whole maintenance of the flowers. Watering. Removing old, smelly ones. What about some plant life outside? Many questions to answer.


What kind of lights should you have? How bright/dim do you want them to be? Are a majority of your customers seniors? Better not have dim lights. I’m for being hip and all, but if your customers can’t read the menu, they can’t order the food. Candles? Table lamps? Again it all depends on your place, what you are trying to be, and who your customers are.

The bathrooms

There are those who say they can judge a restaurant by the condition of the bathrooms. A lot of people say this. Are they clean? Are they checked during the night’s performance? Not just at the beginning and the end?


Do you have everything you need? Silverware is stocked? Tablecloths? Glassware clean and ready to go?


Do your front of the house types know their lines? What the specials are for today? What are the ice creams for this performance? What are the wines by the glass? The beers on tap? What liquors are available in your bar?

This play is not just limited to the front of the house technical side, there is plenty that needs to go on backstage, too.

Does the back of the house have the necessary props and tools?

A good stage manager (owner or manager) will make sure that everything is ready to go before raising that curtain. Be that good stage manager. Be that good director. Get out from the behind shadows and get out on stage to be sure.






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