Services Provided:

  • Improve all elements of front-of-house service–host, busser, server, bartender, and manager–leading to higher customer retention
  • Train staff on how to turn that once a year customer into a once a month customer
  • Proper phone etiquette–important, since this is often the customer’s first contact with the restaurant
  • Train staff on suggestive selling, and up-selling techniques, getting customers to spend more when they come in–getting the check average up
  • Improve front door systems–reservations, seating–getting more customers in during meal period
  • Improve back-of-the-house, front-of-the-house relations, leading to better employee morale, and lower labor turnover–a big expense in most restaurants
  • Budget, and P & L analysis and improvement
  • Labor cost analysis and control–largest expense in most restaurants
  • Site visit analysis
  • Improve bar cost control
  • Analyze and improve beverage program and beverage profitability– including analysis of wine program, beer program, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Implement systems and controls leading to less waste and less theft–more to bottom line
  • Overall cost analysis
  • Marketing–getting more customers to come in, getting them to come in more often, and getting them to spend more when they do come in
  • Menu engineering and analysis–what works and what doesn’t and why
  • Improve employee morale

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