Dining Prejudices

It still goes on today. Yes, even here in the United States of America. A customer walks in to a restaurant, or a bar, or a bakery, or….and the employee looks up and immediately makes a judgment on how they are going to be as a customer.

They probably are going to leave a bad tip. They probably can’t afford to eat here. They probably are going to just order two pots of tea and sit there and talk all night. Or worse than that, two pots of hot water.

You’ve heard them all before

Either you have heard them, or perhaps been a victim to one or more of them.

Let’s see, have you reacted negatively in the past to any of these? If you have, I can guarantee your staff has followed suit.

The single diner

The two women

The old couple

The young couple

The family with young kids

The non-white party

If you answered yes to any of these, I think it is a good time to reevaluate, and see if this gene has been passed on to your employees.





As you can see, I have written a few times on this subject. We as business men and women do not have the luxury of choosing our customers. Nor would we want that choice.

What do you say we enter the 21st century and open our doors to everyone? And then train our staff to follow suit.

And Happy Birthday Rachel.


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