Take Pride in Your Work

Not the kind of pride that is one of the 7 deadly sins. I’m talking about the opposite. The kind of pride that only you can feel. The kind of pride that only you know about.

There is no need to share it with others. The simple joy that is obtained from the knowledge that you did a good job. That should be enough.

Every once in a while this old man can find himself questioning the work ethic of the current set of youngsters. The millennials. But I love it when I am pleasantly surprised and I go out and find myself being served by one of these so-called slacker millennials who actually cares about what they are doing. Someone taking pride in what they are doing. Gives me hope.

Not for you but for me

Those who are doing good work just for good work’s sake. I have always found that there is a lot to be said for just wanting to do a good job. That’s it. Not for the accolades. Not for the attention of the boss. Not so you get a raise. But just for the pride of knowing that you did the best that you could.

I have written before on work ethic.


Pride in one’s work is a little different, although it does go hand in hand with having a good work ethic.

It comes down to just caring

That’s really it. Do you care, or not? Not about your job, or your work, but rather yourself and your self-worth.

I can be a jerk

I imagine if you’ve been reading this blog you already know this, but let me share a story.

I am getting a sandwich at a place down the street from my work. Now, I stop here once a month or so for a sandwich on my way in to the job. I cringe when I see this one particular guy behind the counter who is the absolute worst maker of sandwiches I have ever seen.

Don’t you care, at all?

I have sat there a half-dozen times or so over the years and watched as this guy has destroyed my lunch. I had never seen this before, someone trying to make a sandwich by dropping the ingredients from about a foot above the bread and just watching it land. It doesn’t work.

This particular time last week I could not keep my trap shut any longer. “You are about the worst sandwich maker I have ever seen.” Don’t you care about your work?” “Don’t you take any pride in your work?”

Okay, I know that sounds harsh, and it probably was, but my god, somebody had to say something to this guy.

Take pride in your work

The thing about all of this is that you have to be the one to decide to take pride in your work. Others can’t do it for you. I think part of it comes with age, but I say make that choice early.

I guarantee that if you take pride in your work you will be a happier person over all, and probably sleep a lot better at night.



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