Step it Up

That’s right, I am talking to you Mr. Owner. Mr. Manager. You want to have a successful place? You want a lot of customers coming in and spending a lot of money? You want employees who are doing good work and enjoying it, leading to more customers coming in? You want your staff to do things the way you think they should be done?

Then step it up

There is only one way that I know of: Lead by example. That means that you need to show up every day in a good mood, and bringing it. That means that you need to respect the hell out of your employees and your customers. Don’t take either for granted. That means that you need to train and retrain over and over again so the staff knows what the expectation is.

It doesn’t mean…

It doesn’t mean that you show up once a week and collect the take. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to know your employees’ names. It doesn’t mean that you get to show your employees how to do things once and then you can forget about the rest of it, assuming that they will do it exactly how you showed them every time from then on.

It means exactly what it says: Step it up! Your staff, (and your customers) are counting on you.

Often when out with the charming wife, we notice many shortcomings in the service and in the preparation of food. Our conclusion is always the same: Lame leadership.

We are quick to realize that the only reason that the server comes up short of the customers’ expectations is because the management does not have that server’s back. They were never shown how to do things properly, and they were not given the support when things got busy and hit the fan.

Don’t be that person

Find new ways to incentivize your staff. Find new ways to reward them. Find new ways to bring a smile and a positive work environment to the joint even when you are burned out and not feeling it. Find new ways to bring the work ethic every day.

That means you can’t hide in the office. that means you need to be present on the floor when those doors are open–even before those doors are opened.

Bartender busy? Step back there and wash some glassware. Waiter busy? Go take an order or open up a bottle of wine. Busser busy? Go clear a table or set a table or fill up some water glasses.


That’s what it is all about. You are the leader, so act like one.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Bowles says:

    Leave me alone Tom. I’m tired!

    1. Tom Bethel says:

      We’re all getting older

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