My Poor Students

I recently celebrated 24 years of wedded bliss with my darling wife. Can you imagine? It got me thinking. Thinking about how on earth she has managed to put up with me all these years, sure, but also thinking about how just the dining out with me aspect alone would drive any normal person over the brink into insanity. How has she done it?

I thought about it further–wondering how anyone puts up with me–and then thought about my poor students. Yikes.

I have been put in charge of the dining room where I teach, and it has given me a chance to get back to my ‘roots’, but it also has reminded me of how harsh I can be.

It has been mentioned to me on more than one occasion, that I have a rather high expectation when it comes to the whole work ethic thing. Maybe too high.

Just ask around

Those who have worked with me in the past already know this to be true. I expect everyone to notice everything, and to follow through on everything, every time–no exceptions.

Not even me

The ridiculous part of it all is that I wouldn’t survive my own scrutiny. I would fall woefully short.


That doesn’t mean that I am going to change my stripes. It doesn’t mean that I going to stop noticing areas in need of improvement (that was the nicest way I could think to say that). It doesn’t mean that I am going to stop having high expectations when I go out, or sorry gang, with my students.

Let’s relate this to you now, Mr. Chef/Owner. I teach in my Marketing class that there are three potential outcomes of the moment of truth when a customer goes out. You either:

Meet the guest’s expectation


Exceed the guest’s expectation


Fail to meet the guest’s expectation

Which one would you rather accomplish?

Pretty obvious, I know. The only way to exceed expectations is for you to be present and engaged. To have systems and controls in place to see that costs don’t get out of control. To engage your employees, because an engaged employee is a happy employee.

Happy employees=Returning customers

As we know in this business, it is all about getting the customer to return. The best way to do that is to make sure you are taking care of your employees. Show them respect. Provide a work environment that is challenging, yet fun.

The only way to accomplish any of this is to bring the work ethic with you to work every day. Remember, the staff will follow the leadership, so bring it every day, no exceptions.


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