Front vs. Back Remix

This is definitely a subject worth revisiting. It never goes away. Now I have always been a guy who tries to get along with everyone, so I never really fully understood it. I mean I understand why it happens to a certain degree, but I don’t, and won’t, tolerate it.

I do understand where it comes from. Basically it comes down to the fact that we are talking about two different personality types: Those attracted to the lures of the back-of-the-house, and those attracted to lures the front-of-the-house.

Never gets old

However, it just never gets old. Neither the fact that is still happens, nor the need to talk and write about it.

Have a conversation about it

Have more than one conversation about it. It’s called caring about your restaurant. Don’t, as many employers often do, turn a blind-eye to what is going on in your place. Don’t pretend it isn’t happening.


Don’t count your tips in front of the line cooks. Don’t show up late for work (remember they have already been there a long time before you). Don’t stand there in front of them and talk about your date last night, or your score on the golf course today.

Do engage them. Do talk to them as human beings. Do ask them about their life. Do thank them for the food they just gave you. Do thank them for that time they went out of their way to help you resolve a customer problem. Do get them a beer after work.

Do thank them for the good work they do. Do show them some respect by learning all you can about the menu. Ask them for help in understanding the menu–but not on a Saturday night at 7:00. And not for something that you probably should have known the answer to two weeks ago. You are lucky to keep your head if you pull that one.


Don’t turn in three orders at one time. We call that sandbagging tickets. It’s uncool. Shows them disrespect.

I just love that term ‘sandbagging’. You can use it in so many different contexts, and you can certainly use it when talking about restaurants. I see ‘sandbagging’ going on all of the time. At places I have worked, or even when I go out to eat. I can tell the difference between those doing a good job, and those pretending to do a good job.

Just don’t do it. Show those guys and gals a little respect.


Leave those servers alone! It’s not their fault that the customer who is paying 30+ dollars for that steak or piece of fish, wants it cooked a little longer.

If the servers are doing those nice things I mentioned above–reciprocate. If they are showing the proper respect to you, do the same for them. I have so many times watched as FOH employees walk on egg shells around BOH employees, afraid to ask for help, afraid to ask a question about the menu…

If they took the time to know the menu, don’t be annoyed if they ask you something about it. You are the one professionally trained in culinary–not them.

Share that knowledge

Without attitude. However, if they ask you about it on a Saturday night at 7:00, you have my permission to…



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