Are You the Owner?

I remember my father coming to Los Angeles on business once when I was a server at an upscale place in Beverly Hills.  He came in to lunch with some clients on a day that I was working.

After his meal I was walking him to his car and I was eager to find out if he enjoyed his lunch.  All he wanted to talk about, however, was his son (that would be me), and how proud he was watching me bound around the joint, hustling to make sure everything in the place was going well.

Excuse me while I pat myself on the back

Okay, I know this sounds a little self serving, but that is not my intent.  I spoke before on the subject of work ethic

The best compliments I have ever received in the restaurant business have been this question:  “Are you the owner?”

When the answer is “No, I ‘m just the bus boy,” I know I must be doing a good job.  I put a lot of advice on this blog for the restaurant owners out there, but this one is aimed at the employee.  Your goal everyday at work should be to get someone to ask you that question.

I often tell my students to take the ego out of it.  A customer’s complaint, or negative attitude is rarely about the server, or the cook, but rather the situation.  This is not always the case, however.

If the server is not trying, or worse than that, doesn’t care, then the customer has a legitimate complaint.  I never understood that.  It wasn’t just because I was getting paid for the job, I just never really understood giving less than I was capable of.  Why would I want to waste my time at a job, or anywhere for that matter, not trying?

Blame my parents

Actually, I tell that to my wife often.  “I know I am a freak!”  “Blame my parents.”  I think it is important to do the best you can every time.  If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who actually cares, and have the added bonus of being able to see the big picture, then you have a responsibility to bring it every day.

Lead by example

Set an example for those around you by trying.  Hard.  Be prepared, and then bring it.  Whether you are a server, a cook, a bus boy, a hostess….



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