My Wife Gets Mad at Me

Okay, by now you have some idea of what a freak I am. Of how critical of service I can be. And how difficult it is for me to keep my trap shut.

My wife gets mad at me

Well, sometimes. Usually when we go out to eat. Or drink. She accuses me of getting ‘that look’. I suppose she’s right. Let’s face it, she’s right. It starts when I can tell in which direction the service is heading.

Usually it comes from a situation where I am being completely taken for granted as a customer. Or being ignored. Or having to deal with an employee that doesn’t give a s***.

Remind me, why am I spending my money here?

What is one to do?

I am not mean when servers are lame. Or rude. But do I also have to be nice? That is where I start to lose it. I am going to be offended by some poor service, but I still have to say please and thank you (which I do) AND leave a generous tip?

I want to stay married

This is considerably more important to me than enjoying myself when I go out.

An example

The other night, after a fun night of food and drink with my dear wife, I decided to stop by at a place near our home for a little dessert to go. I like this place. They put out great pies and other treats. I am particularly partial to their salted caramel brownie.

It’s a small place. We stood at the counter for a few minutes being completely ignored by the 2 employees (1 of whom is the manager), who were much too busy talking about their plans for the next day to be bothered by annoying customers like me (they must know me).

The look

Apparently, my face started to get ‘that look’, as my wife likes to call it–the look of total frustration I call it. If we were sitting at a table, I know she would have kicked me under it.

Just as I was getting ready to say something, which my wife is usually pretty quick to put the kibosh on, the manger turned around and greeted us. I guess you could call it a greeting.


I’m sorry, not sorry, but ‘yes’ is not a greeting. That actually is just a three letter word for, ‘you are really inconveniencing me right now, but I guess I have to help you so what do you want?’

No, “Hello.” No, “Can I help you.” No, “What can I do for you.” Just yes. I suppose I should be happy it wasn’t ‘no.’ Someone could actually argue that yes is at least a positive approach. That someone would not be me.

Try to remember

Hey restaurant owners out there. Let’s try to remember why you are there. Yes, to make money, but also don’t forget that this is the hospitality business, so train your employees to be hospitable.


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