The Challenge

The challenge for freaks like me–incredibly impatient ones who for some reason still manage to have high expectations–is that there does not seem to be an answer. Where does someone like me go from here? (I imagine some of you answered that question with, “To hell.”)

I have mentioned before that I refuse to be one of ‘those’ people. You know the type. “I don’t go to that bank anymore, they screwed me.” Or, “I’m not buying my gas there anymore, that guy was a jerk.” Or yet another, “I’m never going to that restaurant again, that was the worst service I have ever received.”

Not me

I am not that guy and I do not want to be that guy. The fact is that I, believe it or not, most often do have a good time when I go out. Of course, there usually is alcohol involved. That helps.

The question

The question that plagues me often is how does one care and not care at the same time? How does one care about things that are important to them while letting go of those things that are out of one’s control? That is a philosophical question that I would be interested in knowing the answer to if you ever figure it out, but for now I suppose I should stay on the topic of restaurants.

A couple of years ago I wrote about an experience eating out with my wife and daughter when I looked out the window and noticed bad service across the street and another restaurant.  You see what I am dealing with? I am one sick puppy. Once again I must ask you to pray for my poor wife.

One of my big problems is that when I see this kind of stuff, I feel the need to speak up about it. I need to learn how to let it go–that is, if it is even possible to in my advanced years.

Back to the beginning

Which brings me back to the beginning. How does one not care? How does one let stuff go? How does one still manage to have a good time and not feel the need to speak up about a server who clearly doesn’t care? Or even more than that, what does one do when it is clear that owners and managers don’t care, either? Especially when one is spending money? Sometimes a lot of money? Do you like how I keep referring to myself as one? I would really start being concerned if you find me referring to myself as ‘the one’.


Meditation could help. Maybe just more yoga. But, tough to reverse many years in the making. As I have mentioned in the past, blame my parents.

I know one thing is for sure. I am going to continue to eat out, and I am going to do my darndest to enjoy it. But, let me know if you have answers for loons like me. I welcome all possible solutions.



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  1. brian wilke says:

    Be the ball Danny.

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