Is it me? Wait, don’t answer that. It seems though, that every time someone asks me for a dinner recommendation, or if I have the chance to go out to eat, I am thwarted by the latest surge of ‘preciousness’. Feels like I am part of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

Let’s all remember, we are in Portland, OREGON

I am all for these folks trying to be the next hot place. Even for trying to get world-wide attention, but what happened to the basic, old-school approach to restaurants?

Get back to the basics

When I say basics, I mean providing good food that is approachable, service that is friendly and without attitude, and controlling costs (food, beverage, and labor). That is really what it is–or should be–all about.

Too many of these restaurateurs have grown up watching the Food Network, I guess. Does every single restaurant have to be an attempt to re-invent the culinary wheel?

I am old

I realize that. BUT. That does not explain the churning feeling I get in my stomach every time I use the google to find a new Portland restaurant to dine out at or to recommend to someone. Does every single one of these new places have to take the too-cool-for-school approach? Can just one of these joints have a modicum of modesty?

I suppose not

I guess I am asking for a lot. I think part of the problem has to be that this is what customers are looking for these days. They, too, have grown up watching the Food Network.

It doesn’t count unless a cool photo can be taken of the food and instantly put out on social media.

Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame–even if it means you are just eating at some restaurant in Portland. It is still a chance for some attention, I suppose. Thank you Andy Warhol.

Consulting work?

I realize also, that by writing this particular post that I have pretty much guaranteed never getting a consulting job again. I wouldn’t say I have lost my way with this blog, after all it was my intention from the very beginning to change the service culture for restaurants here in Portland. However, I am told often that this is not the way to go about it. I need to be a bit nicer, they tell me.

Not in my nature

30 years in this business has given me a keen eye for critical detail and an acerbic tongue. One of those two traits is working against me.




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  1. brian wilke says:

    “Stop making sense” – David Byrne

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