The Manager

What a challenge. I don’t mean finding a good one (good luck with that), but just doing the job itself. A lot is usually expected from this position. And usually, it is not rewarded properly.

I usually tell people that I meet, who have recently landed a manager job, “Be careful what you wish for…” I mean, why not just be a waiter? Fewer hours, fewer headaches, and often better paid.

First of all, they need to be present.

They need to engage your customers, and your employees.

And then after everyone has gone home, they have to finish everything else! Reconcile the night’s take. Make sure all of the ovens and stoves are off. Finish up any paperwork. Deal with orders, receipts, etc. Data entry in to the POS system. Run and analyze reports. Yikes.

Under appreciated

They have to have great people skills. I know in my management positions, everyone, and I mean everyone, came to me with their problems. Employees, customers, owners, whether they spoke English or not, I was the go-to guy.

Managers tend to be underrated, underappreciated, and undervalued. Basically taken for granted. And typically they are either un-liked and good at their job, or liked and not good at their job. Finding a good one is challenging.

What a difference a good manager can make, too.

No substitute for a good manager

So, if you find a good manager–hang on to them! Show them that you appreciate the effort they put in. Reward them with big bonuses. With surprise time off. Do not take them for granted.





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  1. Paul Beppler says:

    hit that one right on the nailhead!

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