Everyone Here is So Nice

Boy, wouldn’t it be great if this is what people were saying about your restaurant? They could be if you just made a little effort in that direction. I have mentioned on many occasions that restaurant employees who are nice will make up for a lot.

Even if they aren’t the most technically correct servers. It’s ok. Kind, enthusiastic, eager service will make up for just about anything. Why wouldn’t you give yourself that advantage by making sure you are providing it?

Oh, right, it starts with you….

I have written before about creating a culture.


Teach your staff by leading by example. If you hire the right people, spell out the expectation, and train them properly, you will be on your way to having customers out there saying this about you.

That is one strong way to get customers to be market spokespeople for your restaurant. If they are out there spreading the word about your place, people will be coming through your door in droves. I mean, why would these people, who live and work in your community, go to the competition–where the staff is not nice–instead of you?

They won’t

I have done a fair amount of consulting, and it is funny how often this comes up. The marketplace is made up of a finite number of customers, and you cannot afford to dismiss any, or take for granted any, of those potential customers.

Besides, if you can get them out there talking you up, you will reap the benefits of that double effect: Customers who come back again and again and spend lots of money, but also the addition of all of those customers who ‘heard’ you were good, coming in to eat at your restaurant.

Sales control

In my restaurant management classes we talk about sales control. We define that as getting more customers to come in, getting them to come in more often, getting them to bring in others, and getting them to spend more money when they do come in. Add to that the fact that after a great experience at your place, they will be telling anyone who will listen, how great your restaurant is!!!

It’s not just about the food

Hmm. Another thing I have mentioned from time to time. According to the National Restaurant Association, only 11% of complaints are about food. It’s not about the food. So, Mr./Ms. Chef, pay attention to that front-of-the-house, and make sure you have a friendly staff. A staff who cares whether or not that your customers have a good time.

After all, these people are spending a lot of money, their hard-earned money, at your place. Not for long if you have a crabby, surly staff.


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