I Like them Because They are Nice to My Daughter

There are a couple of restaurants in my neighborhood that my daughter likes to frequent. Yes, I know, she is spoiled. However, I do love it when she comes back with positive things to say about these places.

Were they nice?

Often, I don’t even have to ask her about her experiences. She will come through the door and just go on about how nice they always are to her. That is really saying something. She is 17, and the fact that she is willing to share and express anything with me, says it all.

Usually, all I can really count on from her is a four letter word that starts with the letter  ‘F’. Every time I ask her about anything, all I ever get out of her is ‘fine’. I guess I should be happy that I am getting that at least.

She and her sister used to take piano lessons down the street, and before or after class they would stop off at a local coffee house for a treat. Yes, I know, they are spoiled. This coffee place, which by the way, happens to be owned by the same person who owns the other place she frequents, was nice to them every time.

No attitude from baristas or other counter employees towards these kids. I love that. I know it helps a little that my kids are of the ‘please and thank you‘ variety, but that is only part of the story. The rest is that this owner has clearly trained his staff that service matters.


No assumptions here

The truth is that initially, I thought these places came across a little bit precious. I was wrong. Don’t judge these books by their covers. I was the one doing the assuming.

I didn’t want to like them–the curmudgeonly old man in me–but I had to change my thinking. When she goes in to these places, they remember what she likes to eat, what she likes to drink, even her name sometimes. Wow.

It starts with you

Yes, I know I have said that before. And I have said this before, too:  Train your staff. Lead by example. Never assume.

I deserve to have a great time in your place whether I come in with my 17-year-old daughter, or my 80-year-old father.

All of us have decided to spend our hard-earned money on your product. Set it apart from the others by adding value. Add friendly service.


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