This happens so often:  An employee receives a gift certificate to another restaurant from the boss for a job well done, or as a Christmas bonus, or a birthday present.  They go out to the other place and have a good time. Too good of a time.

Maybe they drank a bit too much.  Maybe they talked too much as a result of drinking too much. Maybe when they were talking too much, they bashed the restaurant they were eating at.  Maybe they bashed the restaurant where they work. Or the owners of the place where they work.

Not cool

Don’t act like a jerk when you go out.  You would never accept it of customers in your place, why would you do it when you go out?  And yet restaurant employees do.  They say doctors make the worst patients.  I have always thought that restaurant employees make the worst restaurant customers.

Besides the bad karma of behaving poorly in public, it doesn’t do anyone any good to speak negatively about people.  It only makes the person doing the dissing look bad.

I worked for Wolfgang Puck for three years, and couldn’t stand him or how he treated people. However, I could never share my feelings of how horrible he was to his employees, or the things he did to some of the food he served his customers, because it would have only made me look bad.

I remember seeing an  interview with Michelle Pfeiffer where she was asked about her co-star, Mel Gibson. I could tell she didn’t really like him, but she wouldn’t dare suggest such a thing to the interviewer–she would not come across in a positive light.

Always keep in positive

If you are going out, or even if you are just at work–keep it positive. Even when you are not at work, you still represent your place of work. We want people to always have a good impression of your place.

I’m not saying you have to drink the Kool-Aid.  I’m not saying you can’t have negative thoughts about your place. But, you should keep those things somewhat to your self.  Don’t go blabbing it to anyone who will listen.  It only makes you look bad.


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