Where’s the Value?

It is important that you are sure you are bringing value to the table (bad pun) in your restaurant.  That word value does not mean it has to be cheap, inexpensive food.  It simply means that the customer is expecting something for the money they are spending.

What is your value proposition?

There are many ways you can bring value.  It can be in the great quality of food you are serving.  There certainly is value in that.  However, I have known many a restaurant, many a chef, who think it stops there.  It does not. Thinking your high quality food is all the value a customer needs, is naive at best.

For one thing, good food must be accompanied by good service. Those going out for really good food, and spending the money for it, are going to expect really good service, too.  I am assuming that if your food is good, you probably are using quality ingredients.  Quality ingredients cost money.  If those ingredients cost money, than your menu is probably going to be more expensive.  And that means you better be providing the good service, as well.

There are many ways to bring value

Okay.  I know I have complained about expensive drinks in town.     https://tabletalkpdx.com/2013/04/21/  Hard for me to understand how places are charging twelve dollars and more for some of the things they are serving.  However, I am not against spending the money if the value is there. Give me that drink in a nice glass.  Let me sit somewhere that is pleasant. Maybe I get some music with it.

The value can be in the quality ingredients.  It can be in the way those quality ingredients are put together.  The value can be just in the service.  I have said often that if I go to a place and the food is just okay, but the service is outstanding–I will go back.  I think many people feel this way.

The value can be in the ambiance.  It can be in the setting.  Although, this is usually not enough to create value. https://tabletalkpdx.com/2014/06/05/   You need to bring more to the plate than just a big bat.  Many culinarians could argue that the Hard Rock Cafe isn’t the greatest food in town.  And they would be right.  However, there is value if you get to see Jimi Hendrix’s guitar, Elvis Presley’s cape from Las Vegas, or John Lennon’s glasses.

Think about it

So, what is your value going to be?  Great food?  Good quality ingredients? Attentive service?  Nice ambiance? Breathtaking view?  Nice glassware, china, and silverware?   Low prices?  All of the above?  You probably will need to have a combination of these–and more.

Remember, customers are spending their hard-earned money on this experience.  Make it worth their while.


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