A Positive Experience

A proper greeting

My wife and I went out the other day to one of the many restaurants within walking distance of our house.  We were greeted immediately by someone, with a smile, who actually said ‘Hi’ to us, before we said ‘Hi’ to him.  Not easy to do, since both of us try to be on our best, friendly behavior when we go out.

We didn’t need a table, just wanting to belly up to the bar.  He happily escorted us to the bar, making sure to help us secure a couple of seats, wished us a good time, and went about his business.

A friendly bartender

Almost at the same time that our bottoms hit the seats, an eager-to-help bartender was there with some water, and yes, a smile.  He gave us the various menus–dinner menu, drinks menu, bar snacks menu, etc., asked us if we needed anything right away, and when we said ‘not yet,’ promised to be back in a bit to see if there was any thing he could do for us.

He returned shortly to see if we had any questions, or to see if we were ready to order anything.  We ordered a couple of drinks, and told him that we would consider food after having a chance to settle in.

No bum’s rush here

It was a bit late, but never was there a hint of attitude from anyone in the place to get our order in and move along–which I always appreciate.  I am usually pretty sensitive about being the late arrival, never wanting to be the last person in a joint, and this time was no different, but I loved that I never felt pressure to order our food.

He checked back with us often, never trying to rush us, simply wanting to help us if we needed it.  We ordered a couple of things, enjoyed them thoroughly, finished up and keeping with my promise, left before we were the last ones.

Want to know where?

Tough.  I know it drives those of you reading this crazy, but I am not in the business of promoting one restaurant over another.  You are going to have to be content just knowing that there are still some places out there that practice warm, welcoming, friendly service.  In Southeast Portland, no less.

I’m curious.  Are you as interested to know where the negative experiences take place?  Or just when I say positive things?  Whenever I am asked to consult on a job, I pretty much don’t care about the food.  I try to create an atmosphere that customers are going to want to go back to.  It always starts with friendly faces out front.


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  1. Hooray for the positive!. Keep it up. It helps me think about what I like in a restaurant experience. That being said, my pet peeve, and I see it often, is being abandoned once we’re nearing the end of the meal. Hello? please clear my obviously done plate, and offer me another drink or dessert. You might be able to make more money off me if you do that promptly. If not, at some point, I’ll just want the check.

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