Make it Nice Every Time

Why not?  I never really understood anything but.  Is it really so much more important to be cool than to be nice?  I understand that some customers can be quite difficult, but shouldn’t we at least start out under the assumption that everyone is decent, and therefore deserve the very best we have to offer?


I think that every shift should begin with this in mind.  Nights (and days) are going to unfold how they will, but if we at least start with this as our goal we will have a chance of reaching that goal.  One thing I have noticed in my restaurant experience is that if I decide that I am going to have a good time and enjoy what I am doing, there is a very likely chance that I will.  And so will my customers.

Whistle while you work

If you enjoy what you are doing during your shift, the night will fly by and be over before you know it.  So, if you are not motivated by just enjoying taking care of the customer, then do it for selfish reasons–just so the night will go by fast. 

It can be so fun trying to make each and every customer feel special.


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