Get Them to Come Back

The more I talk about this to my students, the more I meet with consulting clients, the more I think back on my restaurant experiences–both as an employee and as a customer–the more I realize that this is really all it is about.  Getting them to come back.  Absolutely right.

It is not how much restaurants can make on one transaction, but rather, how many more times they can get them in to their place to happily hand over their money.  You want them coming back again and again.  You want them bringing in friends who will come back again and again.


So, the main thought in your head should be, how can we make this experience as fun as possible?  That’s the approach you should be taking.  If they have fun, they will be back again and again.  People want to go out and have a good time.  If they didn’t, they would just stay home and watch reruns of Seinfeld.  And remember, having a good time is not just about good food and good service.

Make it fun

Hire servers who really like what they are doing.  Surround the place with employees who are outgoing, amiable, affable.  Create a work enviroment that is fun, not one that is so rigid that the staff is afraid to do anything.  And as I have mentioned before, it starts with you.  You should be having fun, too.  If you are not, it would be a good time to consider going into some other business, I mean, really, what is the point then?

Have fun

I promise you, if you are having fun, your staff will be having fun, and then your customers will too.  And then they will tell everyone they know, how fun it was.  And guess what?  That’s right!  More peope will be coming in to your place to spend their money.

And then you really will be having fun–all the way to the bank.


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